BMW Z5 caught testing

After the BMW Z5 was last spied at the Nurburgring in September 2016, a heavily camouflaged soft top Z5 test mule was now spotted doing the rounds at the Arctic Circle.

The Z5 is expected to serve as a successor to the BMW Z4, and it may be unveiled this year before going on to hit the international market in 2018. BMW has teamed up with Toyota for the Z5 project, and the latter will provide their expertise in electronics and hybrid drive for the new car. BMW, on the hand, will use their knowledge in lightweight materials and engines.

As an outcome of the collaboration between the two brands, Toyota will use this new Z5 based sportscar architecture to build their next Scion FR-S. Though there’s no confirmation yet, BMW’s Z5 could be powered by a few motors with outputs ranging from 190bhp to 425bhp. The highlight, however, would be a 204bhp hybrid variant that will also find its way to the line-up.

We shall bring you more information on the BMW Z5 in the months to come, so stay tuned.