Buick SUV Models Stand out at Auto Show in China

2020 Buick Encore 2019 Guangzhou Auto Show

Over the last several months, Buick has been debuting new SUV models set for the Chinese market. Buick then showcased its SUV lineup at the 2019 Guangzhou Auto Show.

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A general overview of the models

The models on display at the 2019 Guangzhou Auto Show included the new Enclave, Envision, Encore GX, and Encore. Buick designed each of these models specifically for the market in China. Executive director of Buick for SAIC-GM, Molly Peck, said in a statement, “Buick’s growing portfolio in China now covers the small, compact and midsize to large SUV segments.”

Based on the GM GEM platform, the second-generation of the Encore has a stylish exterior for an affordable price. Meanwhile, the Encore GX has a revamped, larger design along with a number of added safety features.

The updated Envision is a part of the Chinese market’s largest segment and has a bolder appearance for the new model year. The Enclave is a midsize-plus SUV, which is large for the market. It’s the first Buick SUV to have seven seats in China. If you opt for the Enclave Avenir, you can enjoy more luxurious amenities and advanced technologies.

Each driver that purchases a Buick SUV in China will receive eight-year warranty coverage for components, such as the transmission and engine. This warranty can be transferred between owners. Drivers will also have 100 gigabytes per year of OnStar 4G LTE service for free.

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In 2020, Buick will expand its SUV lineup with the Enspire. This new SUV is based on the GM E2U platform and will slot between the Enclave and Envision. Both North America and China can likely expect to have the Enspire available for purchase.