Why electric vehicles are the Future

Why electric vehicles are the Future

Hollywood is quite obsessed with the future – From flying cars to autonomous cars, we have had almost all permutations and combinations in movies made in the last two or three decades. But there is one thing that stands out as the common strand that binds them all – electric power. So why does everyone think that electric cars will evolve to survive in the future while fossil fuel powered cars might be lost over time?

As the sciences advance, electricity is turning out to be the most usable form of – Be it the iron that presses your shirt in the morning or the geyser that warmed up your shower. Even fireplaces that burnt embers now plug into wall sockets. The ease and convenience of converting electricity into the required form of usage has made it the most sought-after source of energy. And hence, the cars that run on regular fuel now, will naturally move towards harnessing electricity as the primary source of energy.

In fact, we are already witnessing the transformation. Tesla has built everyday cars that run on electricity. One look at the Nissan Leaf and you know the days when an electric vehicle was an eccentrically shaped tin or fibre-glass contraption are past. The new generation of electric cars are not only stylish and suave but also practical – running for even 300kms at a stretch on a full charge. For India, where the average trip distance of a car is not more than 50kms, the range will be of no concern. As for the odd day when you would want to go out for a 1000km road trip, a lot of self-drive rental options are opening up.

Moreover, electric cars are one of the most efficient automobiles. With the mechanical parts and linkages being at the bare minimum in an electric car, the losses are much less compared to other power sources. The energy efficiency of electric cars is around 60 per cent whereas that of the ICE car is about 20 per cent. And then, at the end of the day, as we all know, fossil fuel is limited. In spite of the current trend of lowering fuel prices globally, there will be a time when crude oil will be hard to find and then the prices will be sky high.

It is true that a large chunk of electricity generation is powered by fossil fuels, but, the renewable resources are making progress. Solar energy, tidal energy and wind energy are being harnessed to produce electricity. Hydro-electric and nuclear power generation technology is progressing to make them safer. And so, the carbon footprint of electricity is shrinking. It is on its path to become a green source of energy.

And there are other advantages of electric cars. There is no emission and hence no exhaust gas pollution and no PUC certificate for you to forget. You need not worry about how much CO or NOx your car flushes into the air because it will be absolutely zero. The only reason the odd-even rule may be applied in Delhi will be for traffic congestion. Even if there is congestion, the noise levels will be low as well since electric cars are quieter.
We want our future to be clean and green and that is where the electric cars fit in.