Even French-Owned Opel Is Skipping This Year’s Paris Motor Show

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Opel was recently purchased by French PSA Group, so it is interesting that the automaker won’t show up at what is now its home turf, this after also skipping Geneva earlier this year. As with other automakers, Opel says it would prefer to host its own events instead of attending auto shows. “We made the decision to put a stronger emphasis on our own events for the upcoming product launches,” an Opel/Vauxhall spokesman told Automotive News Europe.

It is very expensive for automakers to attend these types of shows, and many manufacturers have deemed it to not be worth the investment. Opel’s spokesperson said the company would return to shows “when it makes business and communications sense.” The Paris Motor show attracted over one million visitors and over 10,000 journalists in 2016, making it the largest auto show in terms of attendance.

That represents a lot of eyes on a new product, so we continue to be surprised that automakers are skipping this important show. BMW will still be there with a rumored reveal of the new 3 Series, so there should still be plenty to see in Paris this year.