Moto X 2016 prototype guarantees Shattershield AMOLED display

Alleged photos of a Moto X 2016 prototype

next-gen Motos have been occupying the rumors segment those past few days. The flagship of the line, the Moto X 2016, was previously seen in leaked renders, but now the front of a prototype has been stuck oncamera.

Like the upcoming Moto G, the X could have a five.fiveshow. it’s going to reportedly resemble the Moto Xpressure/Droid rapid 2 show – AMOLED, with Shattershield protection.

you can also see the square fingerprint reader, a layout characteristic it stocks with the G model. roundholes above the screen advocate a the frontgoing through flash like on the Moto X fashion. also notice the “Moto” emblem, the Motorola emblem isn’t any extra.

Alleged pics of a Moto X 2016 prototype Alleged photographs of a Moto X 2016 prototype
Alleged pictures of a Moto X 2016 prototype

the brand new Moto X 2016 is expected to function a modular design, some thing glaring from the multitude of pogo pins at the returned. If you will bear in mind, Google’s venture Ara commenced below Motorolahowever become not a part of the purchase by means of Lenovo.

The cellphone is expected to come with a 5.5” QHD display, Snapdragon 820 with 3GB or 4GB RAM, 13MPcamera with OIS and a 2,600mAh battery (a facet effect of the pronounced 5.2mm thickness).