News Daily: Labour manifesto leak

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour’s planning to nationalise parts of the energy industry and scrap university tuition fees, according to a leak of a draft version of the party’s election manifesto. The document, seen by the BBC, also says leaders should be “extremely cautious” about using the Trident nuclear deterrent.

The manifesto still has to be approved by 80 Labour figures, so how did it get out ahead of time? A spokesman for leader Jeremy Corbyn declined to comment on the leak, which the Conservatives described as a “shambles”.

Analysis: What does the leak say about Corbyn’s plans?

By Laura Kuenssberg, political editor

From what we have seen, which Labour senior figures acknowledge “is the real thing” subject to a few last-minute tweaks, it is a rundown that will be manna from heaven for Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters, containing ideas that poll well with swathes of voters, but could be a challenge to the concept of pleasing much of the traditional centre ground of “Middle England”.

What the papers say

Telegraph/Mirror front pages

The leak of Labour’s draft manifesto is all over several front pages. The Daily Mail states that it would “drag us back to the 1970s”, while the Mirror prefers to focus on what it calls Jeremny Corbyn’s plans to “fix rip-off Britain, boost NHS, schools and scrap tuition fees”. Meanwhile, the Times reports that relations between Prime Minister Theresa May and Chancellor Philip Hammond have deteriorated, with differences on policy and presentation blamed.

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