Qualcomm wants to make kids’ wearables a issue


Why should grown-u.s.have all the a laugh? Qualcomm has developed a brand new chipset that pursuitsto construct a global wearables market for kids.

Smartwatches for the below-12 set are already popular in a few Asian countries, including Korea,providing a way for parents to hold music of their youngsters once they’re faraway from home.

Qualcomm hopes its new chipset, referred to as the Snapdragon put on 1100, will assist take that phenomenon international. It’s running with a few partners who plan to release wearables for childrenlater this 12 months.

The chipset includes GPS for region monitoring and LTE assist for making calls.

“You’ll usually know in which your seven-yrvintage daughter is — she will usually call you. And if she leaves college when she’s now not alleged to, you’ll understand where she is,” stated Pankaj Kedia, head of Qualcomm’s clever watches department, at the Computex alternate show in Taipei.

the brand new chipset isn’t always best for youngstersmerchandise. Qualcomm says it is for any devicewith restricted, centered talents. That also can consist of smartwatches for the aged, fitness trackers orclever headsets.

these gadgets cognizance on two, 3 or 5 use instances and do them sincerely nicely,” Kedia stated.

It builds on the damage 2100, Qualcomm’s first committed chipset for wearables announced in February.whilst that device can run Android, Android wear, webOS and otherhighstage” OSes, the 1100 runs most effective Linux and RTOS.

Snapdragon wear

How the wear 2100 and put on 1100 shape up
the brand new chipset additionally has much less components than the 2100, making it smaller andcheaper. It doesn’t have integrated sensors that tune movement, as an example. Qualcomm says it couldrun LTE on standby for every week without being recharged.

One tool maker that plans to use the 1100 is Infomark. It makes a youngsters’ smartwatch known as the Joon, based totally on an older 3G Qualcomm chipset, which sells in Korea for US$100-$150. It plans tolaunch new devices with the 1100 chipset later this 12 months.

numerous different Qualcomm companions right here stated they deliberate to release kids productstoo, which includes SurfaceInk and Aricent.

Qualcomm stated each chipsets, the 1100 and 2100, will deliver within the 2nd half of the yr.