Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with stereo speakers, possibly Harman-powered

The Galaxy S8 launch is closing fast and the rumors are thriving lately. The pressure is very high on Samsung because of the Galaxy Note7 debacle and the S8 is really turning into the most important launch in the company’s history.

The latest intel suggest Samsung will be prepping two versions of the flagship – a regular 5.7″ edge model with a curved screen and a 6.2″ phablet with a bezel-less display. Recently we also heard Samsung is dropping the idea of a dual-camera setup in favor of a high-end single snapper with top specs.

It’s understandable Samsung wants to target both the S users and the Note fans with the S8 and thus make up for the Note7. And dropping some features so the product doesn’t end up rushed and unpolished makes perfect sense.

The latest report suggests both flavors of the Galaxy S8 will come with stereo speakers. Samsung should have made the speakers decision by now, as the phone is expected to go official in February and hit the shelves in March.

Finally, the rumor gets even deeper suggesting the speakers might bear the Harman branding. Samsung recently acquired Harman for $8 billion, so no real surprises there.

Samsung’s rep previously confirmed the Galaxies will make use of Harman’s tech, but not before 2018, so the last report might be unreasonably stretching.