Samsung including a free 256GB microSD card with each Galaxy S7 purchase

Samsung is doing their best to keep interest in the Galaxy S7 high even as its new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 is just around the corner.

Now you have the opportunity to get the current flagship with a sweet gift. If you buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge until Feburary 14, and you are based in the United States, you will get a 256GB microSD card. The Korean company promises that it’s not just a storage card, but comes with improved read and write speeds when recording UHD videos.

If you buy the phone from a retailer or carrier’s office, you have time until February 21 to request the gift and to provide all the documents needed. If you prefer to go through Samsung’s Online Store, when adding a device in the basket, you’ll already see the card added for free. The company expects to give out around 75,000 microSD cards.

Samsung Galaxy S7 costs $669 and the Galaxy S7 Edge is $769, while the 256GB microSD EVO+ memory card is $249.99, if bought separately.