The Kia Stinger GTS brings sports cars to the masses

There is beauty in dynamism. Picture a herd of wild horses blazing across the horizon, the sun setting behind them leaving a trail of dust in their wake. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Sure it is. Although, if you’re in no mood to wax lyrical, raise your focus a few degrees on the Kia Stinger GTS. Smoke billowing from the tail, wheels locked into the corner and still poised. For the motor head in all of us, this is the quintessential definition of beauty.

It is staggering to think the amount of technology that Kia has armed the Stinger GTS with, given the more than reasonable price tag. One of the biggest additions to the GTS is the state of the art all-wheel-drive system that was designed for maximum grip when needed but allows for fun too! The system, with a trick limited-slip differential is what gives the Kia the poise through the corners even with its tail wagging like a happy dog. In conjuncture with drive modes, the GTS could potentially funnel 100 per cent of power to rear wheels. Best of all, there’s a flip to drift mode too, unlike sport mode where 80 per cent of the power is sent to the rear, drift mode directs all power to the rear wheels and holds lower gears. It allows for incredible control as you slide your way through the corners obliterating apexes in style. The Kia Stinger has been around for a while, rubbing shoulders with German cars that have exponentially larger floor prices, but with the GTS, Kia has proved they know enthusiasts best!

The limited Slip Differential on the all-wheel drive system decides how much power needs to be sent to the rear wheels, 80 per cent in Sport Mode while drift mode sends every drop of power to the back.

The 21st Century SUV has to do it all. Kia’s new Sportage seems to have that formula down!

The Kia Sportage is the embodiment of the modern SUV. It’s not necessarily large — Kia has the full-size telluride for that– but it’s just as capable. The Kia Sportage is no “urban SUV” either, with a two-wheel drive system slapped onto a slightly raised hatch, it gets a proper all-wheel drive system with a driver-assist package, and a standard 8inch touch screen. The design language is perfect for the urban adventurer in the city. Its convenient dimensions and smooth lines make it easy on the eyes but when set against the back-roads, its aggressive stance helps it stand out. With a smorgasbord of features for every condition, Driver Attention Warnings, Lane Keeping Assist and Smart Cruise Control with Start & Stop for the highway and forward, Collision Assist with pedestrian detection for the city, the Sportage is a jack of all trades. On the inside, it’s always plush. The Kia is packed with equipment with an infotainment system pre loaded with Android auto and Apple Car Play, modem enabled telemetry and navigation, not to mention a wireless mobile charging tray. The Kia Sportage gets two engine options, a 2.4-litre GDI producing 181 horsepower and 238Nm of torque or a 2.0-litre turbo GDI that’s good for up to 240 horsepower and 353Nm of torque.

The Kia Sportage is loaded with oodles of technology, be it modem enabled telemetry, wireless charging or lane keep assist and pedestrian detection.