Top 8 New Car Racing Games for Android

Boys love their toys and there is something about car racing games that gets all the boys sit up and get excited. The adrenaline rush, the smell of burning rubber, the soft purring of the engine waiting to roar; it all adds up to satisfy our need for speed.

Car Racing Games For Android

I still remember staying awake all night, playing Road Rash and Mario Kart back in my childhood. Now, you will mostly find me wasting away my time playing Asphalt 8 and Riptide GP2. Both great games but there are many more that racing game buffs will love … let’s start with the list.


Asphalt series has been a runaway success from Gameloft, one of the most successful car racing games for Android. Their last instalment, Airborne, brought death defying aerial stunts using curved ramps with a number of new tracks and cars to choose from.

Asphalt 8 Air Borne

The game is free to download and comes with in-app purchases. With over 190 cars and bikes, 2000 decals, and 40 tracks, Asphalt Airborne had my pulse racing in no time.

FUN FACT: Gameloft is getting ready to release Asphalt 9: Legend, sometime next month. The teaser trailer is already out and it is nothing short of amazing. I am saving money to doll out on customization packs!

The graphics are cool and Gameloft has paid a lot of attention to detail when it comes to recreating the car specs and race tracks.


Love off-roading? Riding high on the success of the Asphalt series, Gameloft decided to treat us fans with an off-road version of Xtreme Rally Racing. Dirt, rocks, sweat, and mean SUVs is the name of the game here.

Asphalt Xtreme Rally Racing

There are monster trucks, dune buggies, pickup trucks, and muscle cars to satisfy your thirst for kicking some dust. Like Asphalt 8, there are big brands involved like Merc, Ford, Chevy, and others here. You can play with friends in multiplayer mode.

Another free game with in-app purchases which will offer a different kind of a racing experience to the Android racing game enthusiast.

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Remember the remote control cars that you used to drive around all day, annoying the hell out of your parents? Home Alone series anyone? Well, they are back in the form of Mini Motor Racing. These tiny little cars are so much fun to drive around.

Mini Motor Racing

The visuals are stunning and beautiful to look at, the cars can be customized endlessly, and you will love to play it with friends.

The app will cost you $2.99 but it is well worth the price and the cars are a lot of fun to bash around.


If you thought Asphalt 8 had amazing graphics, Real Racing will leave your jaws hanging wide open. Everything about this game, from its tracks and location to its cars and their performance, is as realistic as it gets.

Real Racing 3

With over 100 cars and 2000 events, the car racing app will offer you a taste of what it feels like to race in real locations. You will notice there are rules like corner cutting penalty in place too, just like in the real world.


There is something about 8-bit games that simply clicks. Flappy Bird still brings back fond memories of frustration. Damn, that game was hard. Anyways, Road Fighter brought back fond memories of me fighting with my brother for the remote control!

Road Fighter Car Racing

The gameplay is itself really simple with no career modes, cars, and customizations to choose from. You simply launch the car racing app on Android, hit the start button, and begin zig zagging in and out of those familiar cars and road obstacles.

The app is free with no way to remove ads which is a little annoying because there are more ads than it should be.

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I think Temple Run brought the endless gameplay concept to the forefront of the gaming scene. You know, where you begin running, or racing in this case, and continue to do so until you die or crash yourself into something.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a fun little game that is easy to begin with. There are a limited number of cars and tracks to choose from. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to beat your own previous record high. Start your car and hit the road.

You can change cars based on tracks and upgrade them to improve your survival rate. Another free racing app to spend your time when you are waiting for your friend to show up. It is amazing how simple games like these can be so addictive.


Beach Buggy is an off-road kart racing game where you will find yourself driving beach dunes, lunar rovers, and monster trucks in deserts, forests, and Mars! I guess, Elon Musk won’t be the first one to colonize it after all.

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing offers a number of powerups which you will not find in other car racing games for Android like teleportation and flame-throwers. There are 15 tracks to choose from in this free app that comes with in-app purchases.


For the longest time, NFS has been the torch bearer of car racing games so much so that they even made a movie on it. Pity, it was a dud.

NFS Most Wanted made the list because it comes with a story mode. Needless to say, the graphics are amazing and there are some world class cars to drive around and apply mods on.

Nfs Most Wanted

The story goes like this: You are a young enthusiast who wants to make a name for himself/herself in the underworld of street racing. As you climb up the ladder, the police force gets hot on your tail.

NFS Most Wanted, one of the best racing games for Android, will cost you $4.99 with in-app purchases.

INTERESTING FACT: NFS video games have sold more than 140 million copies across 60 countries, and have been translated in to 22 languages. Phew.


Ever since the wheel was first discovered in the early Bronze Age, mankind has been trying to push the limits of speed. While not everyone can afford a real roadster, it is still possible to get an adrenaline rush by driving around the cars of your dreams on your Android smartphones. Let the games begin.