New-Gen Suzuki Swift and Skoda Kodiaq Crash Tested By Euro NCAP


The latest results of the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) are out and cars including the new generation Suzuki Swift, Skoda Kodiaq, all-new Nissan Micra and MINI Countryman were part of the crash tests. All these are built for the European market and include some fancy safety tech including driver assistance system and certainly did not disappoint as far as the results are concerned. The Kodiaq and Countryman will come to India in the Euro-spec avatar, while the new Swift will be locally produced to meet local norms. India won’t get the new generation Nissan Micra.

suzuki swift euro ncap crash test

The Suzuki Swift scored 3 stars on the standard variant & 4 stars on the safety pack variant


Starting with one of Suzuki’s most popular offerings globally, the Euro NCAP tested both the standard and safety pack equipped variants of the all-new Suzuki Swift. On the standard variant, the new generation version scored three star safety ratings in the crash test with a score of 83 per cent in adult occupant protection and 75 per cent in child safety. The Safety Pack variant received an overall four star rating with protection increasing to 88 per cent in adult occupant safety while child safety remains the same.
Euro NCAP’s finding also stated that the new Swift’s passenger compartment remained stable in the frontal offset test; whereas the dummy readings indicated good protection to the knees and femurs for both the driver and passenger. The Swift also showed that a similar level of protection would be provided to occupants of different sizes and for those with different seating positions.
The Suzuki Swift after the frontal full width crash test

Meanwhile, protection of the chest was marginal both for the driver and rear seat passenger in the full-width rigid barrier test. The Euro NCAP rated protection of critical body areas as good or adequate. The Suzuki Swift scored maximum points in both the side barrier test and side pole impact tests, with good protection of all critical body regions. The front seats and head restraints showed good protection against whiplash injuries. However, a geometric assessment of the rear seats indicated poor whiplash protection for the rear occupants.
The European Suzuki Swift also gets Radar Brake Support as optional as well as autonomous emergency braking (AEB), but the results for that version weren’t part of this rating.
The Skoda Kodiaq scored full 5 stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests

Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq is all set to be launched in India later this year and the Euro NCAP results are certainly pleasing. The SUV scored 92 per cent in adult occupant safety and 77 per cent in child occupant safety protection. The results found that the Kodiaq’s passenger compartment remained stable in the frontal offset test, while dummy reading indicate good protection to the knees and femurs of the front seat occupants.
Interestingly, similar levels of protection would be provided on the Kodiaq for occupants of different sizes and those sitting in different positions, the Euro NCAP result concluded. With respect to the full-width rigid barrier frontal impact, protection to the driver’s chest was rated as marginal while that of other critical body areas as good or adequate. The Kodiaq scored full points in the side barrier test providing good protection of all critical body regions. Results were adequate or good in the more severe side pole impact test with good protection to the chest. The SUV also scored well on whiplash protection for the front and rear seats.
Skoda Kodiaq after the front offset impact test

Unlike the Swift, the Skoda Kodiaq gets autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system as standard, which operates at low speeds, like that during city driving, at which many whiplash injuries are caused. The AEB system performed well in tests of its low-speed functionality. That said, the AEB system is not likely to make it to India when the SUV is launched here.
The Nissan Micra scored 4 stars on the standard trim while the safety pack version scored 5 stars

Lastly, the new generation Nissan Micra scored a four star rating on the standard variant, while the safety pack equipped trim received the five star rating. The MINI Countryman also scored top points receiving full five stars in the crash test.