Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 overview: the brand new humans’s champion topples Titans


Wow, what a big performance difference jumping in advance two technological generations can make.

If Nvidia had launched the GeForce GTX 1070 (starting at $380 MSRP, $450 Nvidia Founders versionreviewed) just last week it’d’ve been the maximum effective single-GPU portraits card to ever grace the earth, edging out the awe-inspiring—and $1,000—GTX Titan X. inside the wake of the launch of the “new king” GTX 1080 (beginning at $600 MSRP on Newegg), however, Nvidia’s new card cannot lay declare to the overall performance crown. nonetheless, that fact would not diminish this card’s beautifulachievement.

The GeForce GTX 1070 offers Titan-stage, no-compromises portraits oomph for an insignificant $380. The GTX 1080 may be the new king of snap shots playing cards, but this powerful new prince’s mixture ofprice and performance will no doubt make it the people’s champion—even though it’s no longer prettythe scouse borrow that the GTX 970 became.

let’s dig in!

Programming observe: if you want to cut directly to the chase, bounce to the final page of thisassessment for our bottom line at the GTX 1070.

The GeForce GTX 1070 underneath the hood
The GeForce GTX 1070’s strength stems from the identical source because the GTX 1080’s: Nvidia’s Pascal GPU. photographs playing cards from each Nvidia and AMD have been stuck on the sameunderlying 28nm generation for 4 long years, however Pascal—and coming near near Radeon cardsprimarily based on AMD’s Polaris GPUs—ultimately ruin the appalling fashion, leaping forward two fullmanner generations, shrinking down to 16nm transistors and integrating 3-d “FinFET” era as properly. Forall the nitty-gritty information, check out the first page of our GTX 1080 overview, but in a nutshell, Pascal GPUs constitute a big step forward in overall performance and power performance.

gtx 1070 stats

The GTX 1070 capabilities the equal “GP104” Pascal GPU as the larger, badder brother, but with 5 of its 20 Streaming Multiprocessor devices disabled. That leaves it with 1,920 CUDA cores and 120 texture processing devices, however Nvidia left the GPU’s complete complement of 64 render output devices(ROPs) intact. The GTX 1070’s clock speeds have also been nerfed a bit, down to a 1,506MHz base clock and 1,683MHz raise clock, however that’s still a ways superior to the precedinggeneration pics playing cards—the GTX 980 topped out at 1,216MHz improve clocks, at the same time as AMD’s Radeon R9 390Xcrowned out at 1,050MHz.

you can see the GTX 1070’s full specification breakdown within the chart above.

another subtle, but key difference from the GTX 1080 is the GTX 1070’s memory. whilst the GTX 1080adopted 5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1c GDDR5X memory clocked at a blistering 10Gbps, the GTX 1070 employs 8GB of traditional GDDR5 RAM over a 256-bit bus rather, clocked at 8Gbps for an effectivereminiscence bandwidth of 256GBps.

pascal reminiscence compression

How the GTX 1080’s delta color memory compression reduces memory bandwidth demands.
Don’t be upset by means of the lack of GDDR5X or the excessive-bandwith memory observed in AMD’s Radeon Fury cards, although: The GTX 1070’s 8GB of reminiscence is greater than sufficient for these days’s games, even at 4K resolution, and the Pascal GPU’s new lossless delta coloration compressionhints (which once more, we included within the GTX 1080 write-up) makes it even more powerful.

From the outdoor, the GeForce GTX 1070 Founders edition mirrors the GTX 1080 Founders edition, with an aggressive, polygon-inspired aluminum shroud, “GEFORCE” spelled out in illuminated green letters onthe edge, a blower-style fan that exhausts hot air thru the I/O plate on the rear of your machine, and a low-profile backplate with a detachable portion to improve airflow when you’re going for walks a multi-GPU SLI setup. (make certain to check out our dives into what “Nvidia Founders versionmanner and the largeSLI modifications within the GeForce 10-series if you’re curious approximately both subject matter.)


Brad Chacos
The blower-fashion fan on the GeForce GTX 1070 Founders edition suits the GTX 1080’s.
You’ll also locate the same single HDMI 2.0b connection, a unmarried dualhyperlink DVI-D connector,and 3 full-sized DisplayPorts that are DP 1.2 certified, however prepared for DP 1.three and 1.four. Thatremaining tidbit approach the card may be capable of strength 4K video display units running at 120Hz, 5K shows at 60Hz, or even 8K displays at 60Hz—although you’ll want a couple of cables for thatfinal state of affairs.

There are some key differences among the 2 snap shots cards, although. in place of using superiorvapor chamber cooling, the GTX 1070 dissipates warmth the use of a trio of copper heatpipes embedded in an aluminum heatsink. And even as the cardboard sports the same 8-pin power connector because theGTX 1080, the GTX 1070 sips simplest 150W of energy, instead of 180W. but the genuinely wonderfulcomponent approximately that range is how an awful lot more overall performance the GTX 1070 iscapable of eke out of the relatively meager energy draw; the similarly performing Titan X sucks 250Wthrough 6-pin and eight-pin connectors, at the same time as the 275W Fury X uses a pair of eight-pin connectors.