Official Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Nougat manuals are now available

Earlier today, we learned that the beta program for Nougat on Samsung’s latest flagship pair is officially over. This was shared along with a suggested release time frame of January 2017 for the consumer version.

But, if that wasn’t enough to prove Samsung is really working hard on the OTA, it appears the support documentation for both models has now been updated to reflect the OS change and is already spreading across Samsung regional servers and websites.

The originals in English can be found at the source links, if you want to dig through them, but from what we managed to gather, the lengthy PDFs hold little extra info on the upcoming software experience, lined up for the S7 pair. A few screenshots scattered here an there do showcase some aspects of the UI refresh. For instance, we can clearly see how the new top row of quick toggles on the shade is going to look and behave.

Also, a few screen grabs from the camera UI show a more polished appearance and control scheme. The camera can now lock focus on one spot of the viewfinder and then get the expose settings from a different one.

Other notable additions include the adoption of the actionable style lockscreen notifications that made a debut on the now canceled Galaxy Note7. Also, the Smart Manager might be called Device Maintenance from now on, but with no obvious change in functionality.

It is also interesting to note that Secure Folder isn’t mentioned in the manual. This fits nicely with an earlier rumor that Samsung will start offering the privacy platform as a download on supported devices. This might actually debut with the OTA as well.