Tesla Turns Off Auto Emergency Braking In Some Of Its New Models


Tesla, the American EV manufacturer, has temporarily shut off the automatic emergency braking system in some of its newly manufactured models. The reason cited was that Tesla is currently in process of analysing data from its cars in order to ensure that the automatic emergency braking (AEB) system works well and that there is no inconvenience caused to the occupants of the cars. Tesla said that the AEB function should be turned in the next six weeks or so. The company says that this update applies only to models which were built after it started the production of Model 3 in July this year.


The models whose AEB function has been shut are all units of Model 3, and the newer units of Model S sedans and Model X SUVs. The fact that Tesla shut off the AEB function was shut off in the newer models came to light after a Tesla owner posted the same on a Reddit message board.


Till the time, Tesla turns on the AEB system, the technology itself will be working in the shadow mode, which means that it will be collecting data as to how the system itself functions had it been on. Tesla is calling this as temporary re-calibration and is part of Tesla’s standard protocol. The company has also said that the other early warning collision systems and all other autopilot technology will work normally.

Once the AEB system is validated, it is expected that Tesla will simply issue over-the-air updates for all Tesla owners. All they have to do is download the same into the software of the car.