Young Ferrari Fan’s Tears Turn Into Smiles As He Meets Kimi Raikkonen


It is devastating to see your idol retire early in the race. For the young Ferrari fan – Thomas Danel, it was a similar nightmare at the Spanish Grand Prix yesterday as Kimi Raikkonen crashed early in the race, leaving him with tears in his eyes and kudos to the camera guys to spot him in the huge crowd. Little did he know, his tears would turn out to be one of the best memories of not only his life, but also F1’s

kimi raikkonen spanish gp 2017 crash
Kimi Raikkonen crash on Turn 1 of the opening lap

As Kimi Raikkonen crashed on Turn 1 of the opening lap at the Circuit de Catalunya, TV cameras picked up a sobbing Thomas in the stands at the sight of his idol’s race ending earlier than expected. The little fan’s tears caught the world’s attention and Ferrari too was intimated about the reaction. The team then tracked down Thomas and his family in the stands and brought them to the Ferrari lounge in the paddock to meet Kimi Raikkonen.

young ferrari fan thomas danel
Kimi handed Thomas his personal cap and even clicked pictures

Dressed in a Ferrari cap, T-shirt and matching red shorts, the junior fan managed to get pictures clicked with Kimi himself and the ice man also gave him, his personal team cap. Thomas later celebrated Sebastian Vettel’s podium finish with the Ferrari mechanics and also made a couple of media appearances before the day came to an end.

young ferrari fan thomas danel
Thomas cheering for Sebastian Vettel later in the race

In a press release circulated by F1 management after the race, the boy’s father, Coralie, said, “This has been the most fantastic day for us. We could not believe it when they came to get us and took us to Ferrari. This is great for fans like us, it really makes F1 and all of its people come alive. Brilliant!”

young ferrari fan thomas danel
Thomas was the star of the day

Formula 1 is as much about passion as it is about technology and this incident is a stellar example of it. It was a nice gesture by the F1 management to bring the young fan to the paddock and it’ll always be a memory Thomas will never forget. In fact, it’s small efforts like this one that wins hearts and Thomas managed to breathe in some life into a sport which probably had lost it over the years.