5 New Sports Cars You Should Avoid Like The Plague (10 Worth Every Dollar)

For a car enthusiast, few experiences can match strapping oneself in a sports car and hitting the open road. It is an adrenaline high in its own category, and today, the market is filled with a deluge of sports cars, specifically designed to fulfill that desire. They come in all shapes, sizes, and prices; so much so that there’s always something for you out there should you want it.

The current generation of sports cars have become trendier, presented in a variety of designs and loaded with an array of new-fangled technologies. Some features are useful while others serve no other purpose than to jack up the price. It all makes for an intriguing mix when it comes to selecting the best sports cars on offer.

This article examines the current offerings on the market and tries to separate the great options from the cringe-worthy ones that you should avoid.

15Worth It – Chevrolet Corvette C8

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Chevrolet needed only 60 hours to sell over 300 units of the eighth-generation Corvette in Japan. This is despite the fact that it is almost $30,000 more expensive than those sold in the United States. There’s a good reason for this: the Corvette C8 delivers an enthralling ride with its refreshing exterior design, incredible modern interior, and a new mid-mounted 6.2-liter V8 engine.

14Worth It – Porsche 718 Cayman

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The German carmaker scored a big hit with this entry-level series sports car. The chassis is expertly tuned and well complemented by flat-four-cylinder engines mated to either a trusty manual or highly responsive automatic transmission. According to Car And Driver, the new 718 Cayman provides supercar experience for roughly half the price. That’s a bargain no one should pass up.

13Avoid – Chevrolet Camaro

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The Camaro is a very affordable sports car. But sadly, that’s about it. The new Camaro models continue to disappoint with their dated and interior design and subpar build quality. Visibility through the narrow windows is a nightmare and forget about cabin noise insulation. Then there’s that small matter of a very capable competitor in the form of the Ford Mustang – catch the drift?

12Worth It – Honda Civic Type R

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For years now, Honda has been quietly refreshing its Civic R line-up; now, the world is beginning to take notice. The 2020 Type R does carry over some of the odd angles of the previous generations but once you get over that, be prepared for some real fun with the car’s precise handling and turbocharged powertrain.

11Worth It – Porsche 911 Carrera T

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The Carrera T will set you back about $100,000 and so it is not exactly cheap. What you get instead is more fun and thrills than in supercars that easily cost twice as much. See? Not bad at all. The “T” designation for the Carrera separates it from the baseline model and does mean you get more premium features that come together very nicely in the lithe sports car.

10Avoid – 2019 Infiniti Q60

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Avoid the 2019 Infiniti Q60 except in the case there’s absolutely no alternative (and we think that’s virtually impossible). Its exterior design is stylish enough and the car will hold its own among competitors such as the Ford Mustang or Lexus RC. However, the interior continues to disappoint with the drab infotainment system, poor inferior dashboard design, and plasticky controls.

9Worth It – Dodge Charger Hellcat

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The Dodge Charger was first introduced in 1964 and from the looks of things, it’s not going away anytime soon. Yes, it is four-door and yes, it does weigh about 2 tons but then there’s that monster supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that can produce more than 700 hp. That’s good enough for 0-60 mph sprint in just 3.4 seconds before pushing on to 196 mph. Pretty impressive, we think.

8Avoid – 2020 Mercedes Benz CLA35 AMG

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The new CLA35 AMG serves up a design facelift and performance enhancements. The result is a balanced ride and above-par driving experience but it doesn’t win points when it comes to the comfort expected from a brand like Mercedes. Then there’s that price-point that can go as high as $65,000. Wouldn’t you rather get a C-Class?

7Worth It – BMW M2

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The BMW M2 has always enjoyed a reputation as one of the best BMW cars ever made. The new generations continue that trend, and we are not just talking about the Competition package. The highlights of the car include a silky-smooth turbocharged engine, top-notch handling and superb brakes.

6Worth It – Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

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Here’s another stalwart that continues to set new benchmarks for the term “muscle-car.” It may be less powerful than its big brother GT500, but the 5.2-liter V8 under its long hood can generate well over 500 hp – more than enough power for some really good fun on the tarmac. The smooth manual transmission is an added sweetener that should have consumers licking their lips.

5Avoid – BMW 8-Series

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The BMW 8-Series is back and there’s been a lot of fanfare about the revamped model. Mainstream deliveries are expected to start soon and here’s our advice: save your money. Sure, it’s a great car, but it’s hard to look beyond the hefty price tag. After all, it is not much different from the rest of the BMW range.

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4Worth It – Toyota Supra

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The Supra is much more than just a re-badged BMW Z4. This aggressively styled sportscar does serve its own style of fun on the highway via an engaging driving experience – we love it. For a reasonable price, you get a load of tech features, well-built cabin and boot space that can accommodate more than your toothbrush.  That’s more than we can say for a lot of more expensive sports cars out there.

3Worth It – Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R Pro

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This is about as “AMG” as you can get. It is not exactly cheap, but what you do get is decades of Mercedes-Benz lessons from the race-track packed into a road-legal machine. The car does require experienced hands at the wheel. However, once you master its twin-turbo heart, get ready for limitless fun, AMG style.

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2Worth It – Audi RS3

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Any car that will challenge the M2 has to be really good; the RS3 is one of the very few out there that fits the bill perfectly. It has a lot of useful legroom at the back too! The Audi RS3 is a very drivable machine; capable Quattro 4WD system, 395 hp, and a refreshing interior design all come together rather nicely for a satisfying driving experience.

1Avoid – 2020 Nissan GT-R

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The early GT-Rs blew everyone away with mythical acceleration and savage straight-line speed. However, that was years ago, and today, there are many cars on the market that are just as fast. Then there’s the exterior design that has barely changed over time. Now, the car just looks clunky and dated. Seriously, would you part with over $100,000 for this?